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Giclée Reproductions

Giclée (pronounced "Zhee-clay") reproductions were originally developed in 1989 as a digital method of fine art printing. The word Giclée is French for "to spray on" or "to spray ink". Scanned images are digitally stored in a computer and sent directly to a high resolution printer.

Unlike other printing methods, each image is sent to the inkjet printer individually. This advanced method has numerous advantages. Since each piece is individually produced an artist may order one reproduction at a time. The resolution (DPI or dots per inch) is actually higher than traditional lithography, which uses a 4 color process. Watercolors by Julie fine art Giclée reproductions uses 12 color process. The Giclée offers incredible detail and brilliant color. Contrast is excellent as well as rich and intense. It is often difficult even for the artist to differentiate a Giclée from the original painting. Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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